What is RLD?

RLD stands for Runtime Level Design and it is a collection of powerful tools that can be used to build all sorts of environments at runtime (in-game): from dungeons to outdoor environments to tile based worlds. You name it!

Here is a presentation video in which RLD is used to build a dungeon, an outdoor environment and a spherical world.

Getting Started

If you are new to RLD, the following tutorial videos will help you get started:

There are many more videos available here.

Try the Demos

If you haven't already, make sure to try out the RLD Demos:


Each demo comes with a Readme file which contain important info such as controls and recommended tutorial videos.


  • Does RLD have transform gizmos like in the Unity Editor?
    Yes. RLD allows you to use the following gizmos for object manipulation: move gizmo, rotation gizmo, scale gizmo, universal gizmo and 2 more gizmos which are not available in the Unity Editor: box scale gizmo and object extrude gizmo (REALLY HANDY). A video tutorial which covers the extrude gizmo can be found here. You should get accustomed to using the extrude gizmo as it can save you tons of time!
  • I have followed the steps shown in the Plugin Initialization video, but it seems that some things are not working correctly (e.g. object-to-object snapping and surface snapping are not working for me). What am I doing wrong?
    Please watch the Scene & Asset Preparation video. The objects in the scene need to be marked as dynamic and all meshes that you are planning on using need to be marked as readable. The video will show you how to do all this.
  • Can I use RLD to build environments out of modular prefabs?
    Yes. Features such as Object-to-Object Snapping, Object Extrude Gizmo and Selection Grid Snap were especially designed for this purpose and they will proove to be invaluable!
  • Does RLD support scene saving & loading?
    No. Scene saving/loading is a more complex problem to solve epspecially if it is to be done in a robust and reliable manner and there are actually packs on the Unity Asset Store which specialize in that. For example, you might want to use a pack like Easy Save - The Complete Save & Load Asset for this kind of purpose.
  • Does RLD work on mobile?
    Only the gizmos can be used on a mobile device. Other features as object-to-object snapping or surface snapping for example will only work on PC.
  • I am building a level editor that will allow users to build nature environments. Does your plugin have any features that speed up the process of building such environments? For example, I need to easily place objects on a terrain.
    Yes. Please take a look at the Surface Snapping (Intro) video.