You can change the gizmo transform space using the following function call:


This function call will affect the following gizmos:

  • MoveGizmo;
  • RotationGizmo;
  • UniversalGizmo;
  • ExtrudeGizmo;

Note: The scale gizmo and box scale gizmos will always use the Local transform space.

If you wish to modify the transform space for a specific gizmo, then you need to first retreive a reference to the gizmo and then change it's transform space.

// Change the move gizmo transform space to Local
var gizmo = RTObjectSelectionGizmos.Get.GetGizmoById(ObjectSelectionGizmoId.MoveGizmo);

// Change the rotation gizmo transform space to Global
var gizmo = RTObjectSelectionGizmos.Get.GetGizmoById(ObjectSelectionGizmoId.RotationGizmo);

// Change the universal gizmo transform space to Global
var gizmo = RTObjectSelectionGizmos.Get.GetGizmoById(ObjectSelectionGizmoId.UniversalGizmo);

// Change the extrude gizmo extrude space to Local
// Note: In this case the SetExtrudeSpace function is used which belongs to the 
//       ObjectExtrudeGizmo behaviour.
var gizmo = RTObjectSelectionGizmos.Get.GetGizmoById(ObjectSelectionGizmoId.ExtrudeGizmo);