When objects are selected, you can use hotkeys to manipulate them in different ways. Currently, the selected objects can be manipulated in the following way:

  • object-to-object snapping;
  • selection grab (aka surface snapping);
  • selection grid snap;

The ObjectSelectionManipSession Enum

RLD uses an enum to differentiate between the object manipulation sessions discussed previously. This enum is defined in the following way:

public enum ObjectSelectionManipSession
    None = 0,

Checking the Active Manip Session

The RTObjectSelection class exposes different properties which can be used to retrieve information about the active manipulation session:

RTObjectSelection.ObjectSelectionManipSession ActiveManipSession;
Property Description
IsManipSessionActive Returns true if a manip session is active.
ActiveManipSession Returns a member of the ObjectSelectionManipSession enum which identifies the active manip session or None if no session is active.
IsGrabSessionActive Returns true if the grab session is active.
IsGridSnapSessionActive Returns true if the grid snap session is active.
IsObject2ObjectSnapSessionActive Returns true if the object-to-object snap session is active.


Only one session can be active at any one time.